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  • F. Khatun UK 14 Apr 2012
    Dear Harpreet, Thank you for the treatment you have provided to me and my mum. It has made a real difference and has helped me understand how I can help myself in order to remain comfortable and pain free. Apart from the treatment, I truly appreciate your friendly approach to patients and I have felt totally at ease whilst being treated. I would definitely recommend you and again, thank you for all your help and advice
  • Gloria. B UK 09 Apr 2012
    Dear Harpreet, Thank you very much for the treatments, after many months actually years of swollen legs and feet and now once a month keeps me ticking over very nicely and I’m hoping for a long hot summer and unswollen feet – hoorah! Once again, a big THANK YOU!
  • Barbara H. UK 07 Apr 2012
    Dear Harpreet, My treatments with you have definitely helped me. The manual lymph drainage has really made a difference to my leg and I have felt better for it after the treatment. Also the couple of times I have had work on my back has really helped and having previously had some work on my back yours is the best I’ve had. I would definitely recommend you!
  • Nayou P. UK 24 Mar 2012
    Dear Harpreet, I have only had two treatments from you but I already feel a lot better. The pain that I had in my middle back has gone and I am glad that I came to see you. I will definitely recommend someone to you as I have achieved such results.
  • Dawn H. UK 24 Mar 2012
    My treatment day is my treat day as I feel so much better after Harpreet’s ministrations. Her ‘golden’ hands really hit the spot no matter what the pain. I am not a relative, I promise.
  • Ron H. UK 21 Jan 2014
    My treatment by Harpreet for neck and back pain has been a blessing. Harpreet's hands are gentle but firm - Many thanks
  • J. Ponton UK 11 Jan 2014
    Dear Harpreet Thank you so much for the treatment I received its not just the standard of care you provide, its the advice and effort you make to ensure a holistic care! I'm proud to be in the same professional line as yourself and will definitely recommend you to all! Thank you and please never change.
  • Gillian B. UK 10 Oct 2012
    I feel the osteopathic sessions have been very valuable in tackling a long term problem Thanks