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We are dedicated to giving each and every patient individual attention, and provide the best possible care that is delivered specifically to combat the problem areas.

Treatments are carried out by Harpreet Seehra, who is a qualified osteopath proudly registered with the General osteopathic council. She is also a member of the British osteopathic association.

Harpreet graduated from the British school of osteopathy in 2006 following 5 years intensive training. Since graduating with an honours degree she has further trained to incorporate modern acupuncture/dry needling as part of treatment, where required. She has also received intensive training in neuromuscular rehabilitation. In most cases this treatment is offered as part of general osteopathic treatment, if deemed beneficial. In some cases, however, extra sessions may be needed depending on the level of rehabilitation required.

As osteopathy is a holistic therapy we also emphasise the role of diet, lifestyle and exercise for patients. It is our aim to eliminate discomfort and help prevent reoccurrence of the problem.