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What we treat

Repetitive Strain Injury General Stiffness
Headaches / Migraines Muscle Strains
Post Operative Rehab Sports Injuries
Back Pain / Neck Pain Trapped Nerve
Work Strain Arthritis
Joint Pains Sciatica

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Osteopath in Harley Street, Central London W1

Are you looking for a treatment or a potential cure?  The choice is yours!

A trusted and reputable Central London Osteopath, based in Harley Street, London, W1.

To treat your back pain or to cure, that is the question that can be easily answered.  Everyone has experienced back pain at some time in their life and gone to the doctors for advice.  Most often you are given a prescription for paracetamol or other such pain killers and guidance on physical activities to avoid.  The pain can go away and you carry out your duties only for it to return again three months later.  It can be very frustrating when you do not know the root cause of it and the experts can not advise either. 

Unless you find a way to eradicate the problem, dealing with a physical problem such as back pain, trapped nerves (ouch), frozen shoulder and other aches and pains can become an incurable issue.  It can be very easy to treat the problem with ointments and tablets but the cause will still remain a problem.

Harley Street Osteopaths

This is where Hoods Health clinic, Harley street osteopaths, come to the rescue and can relieve this uphill struggle you face.  

Fundamentally different from your local GP.

We can be found at, Hoods Health Osteopathic Clinic, 2 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PB and called on 0207 100 3656.

Hoods Health offer Harley Street osteopathy focused to look at your ‘whole body’ to relieve the root cause.